Questions About Your Child’s Education?

Education is a shared process between home and school, and good communication is an excellent starting point for resolving issues that may arise. School staff welcome the opportunity to talk with you about your child’s education. If you have a concern or question about your child’s education, the following steps will help ensure an effective line of communication. Learn more...

Step 1: Teacher

The first person to talk with is the classroom teacher.  They know your child well and most concerns can be addressed at this level of communication. Please set up an appointment by contacting the teacher or the school so that your concern can be heard without distractions.

Step 2: Principal

If you need extra assistance with your concern or question, your school principal is there to help you.

Step 3: District Staff

If you have questions that you feel were not resolved at your child’s school, contact the School District Office at 604.792.1321 and ask for the District Supervisor responsible for the school. The receptionist can provide the name of this contact person. If not resolved at this level, your questions will proceed to the Superintendent.