Code of Conduct

Educating Students About Behavioural Expectations

Part of the role of the school is to educate children as to appropriate behaviour and expectations while at school, on their way to and from school, during school sponsored activities, or in other circumstances (including on-line behaviour), or other activities beyond these times, where engaging in the activity negatively impacts the safe, caring or orderly environment of the school, and/or student learning.

Our Code of Conduct outlines our key expectations for behaviour, and outlines how we will deal with situations as they arise. We have also developed a behavioural matrix, our T-BIRD guidelines, as a daily teaching tool, to help define what these expectations are in various settings at the school. This matrix will continue to evolve to meet the needs of the school, and teaching around the matrix will happen both in the classroom, and as part of monthly assemblies.

When children demonstrate correct behaviour we also want to celebrate that success. As such, we will celebrate student success in behaviour on a regular basis. Copies of our Code of Conduct, the T-BIRD Behavioural Expectations Matrix, and other related materials can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Information & Announcements

Imagine High Virtual Townhall Meetings

Imagine High Integrated Arts and Technology Secondary opens in September 2021 for students in grades 9 - 10. Imagine High is a public school of choice within the Chilliwack School District situated on the former site of the University of the Fraser Valley on Yale Road. By 2023 the school will house up to 700 students from grades 9 - 12.
Please join us for a virtual Zoom Townhall on any of the following dates.

Air Quality Alert

AIR QUALITY:  The District Team has been monitoring the Air Quality Index in the Fraser Valley over the weekend.  There continues to be an advisory in place for Monday.  The recommendation is to limit smoke exposure for staff and students, recognizing some individuals have different vulnerabilities as outlined in the Air Quality advisory.

Parking Lot Safety

Safety in and around our parking lot in the morning and after school has long been a concern, given the vast majority of our families must drive to school. This ‘Parking Lot Safety’ video has been created to help explain the key points we all need to be aware of. Many thanks go out to Atlee James for putting his talents and time to this project. And do you recognize the student voices? Thanks, Chloe and Charlotte!

Follow this link to view the video:

Updates re. COVID-19

Student and staff safety is paramount in the Chilliwack School District. We continue to work closely with Fraser Health as they lead the case and contact management process in our school district. Fraser Health receives lab results of all positive cases in the region. For any staff or students who are confirmed positive for COVID-19, Fraser Health will complete an assessment to determine the level of risk for the school. Fraser Health will notify everyone who has been exposed, including if any follow-up action is recommended, such as to self-monitor for symptoms or self-isolate.